Motions at Synod


1.    Youth Representative on Bishop’s Council
This was approved in principle

2.    Sunday School Material for All Parishes
It was agreed to set up a committee to look into available material

3.    Medical Aid Subsidy for Non-Stipendiary Clergy not on a Medical Aid
This was approved in principle
4.    Creation and the Environment
This included encouraging parishes to “Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle”, to find ways to save water and electricity, to use their grounds and facilities for the benefit of the community. Diocesan representatives to Provincial Synod are asked to support a new Canon on the Environment
This was approved in principle.

5.    Change in Funeral Policy
This required parishes to do away with the system of refusing church funerals etc to those whose financial contributions are not up-to-date.
This was declared a “controversial motion” but was passed after special vote counting. Included in this motion is the requirement that there be ongoing education on giving especially Dedicated Giving.

6.    Motion Arising from the Bishop’s Charge
This encouraged ongoing prayer for the choosing of a new Bishop, encouraged all to follow correct procedures, and discouraged any form of political-type campaigning.
This motion was approved.