Welcoming of the Bishop’s wife by Priests’ wives.

The Priest wives decided to welcome their maBishop in the Diocese of Christ the King.

The day was cold but they left all the warmth from their houses and decided to gather at Stones haven just to spoil themselves with their maBishop with breakfast at a neutral venue.



Clergy wives present on the day

The day couldn’t be a success if the welcoming didn’t come with a gift for maBishop from clergy wives.

Reply speech from maBishop Mostert, she was so happy and she wanted to be with us as clergy spouses of the Diocese get to know us better and assist us where necessary so that we can support our spouses in their ministry more, she promised to organise a retreat for all the clergy spouses as she mentioned that organising retreats was her strongest side.

We all departed in a good note laughing and hugging each other.

By Nontle Sobantwana