Celebrating 2017 Women’s Day at St John’s church Boipatong.

Women at St Johns have decided to celebrate their women’s day differently this year. They organised speakers from SAPS a guest speaker was coming from Ennerdale Ms Brenda Mosethla and a Clinic was at church.

The theme of the day was: The role of Women in the Mission and Ministry of the  Church.


Women 1










All women were requested to wear Hats.














We started the day with the church service and the church prayer’s readings from the bible were led by women.

After the service, the women gathered at church at what we called a WELLNESS day, we didn’t discriminate we also welcomed men to join us especially in the clinic checking their health.

We had speakers from SAPS that were talking about Domestic violence and the other one was talking about Rape and Drug abuse.

Using the resources you have at church works we requested our professional nurses at church to organise themselves for this wellness day. In our new building we had a clinic where our 3 professional nurses were busy checking high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol levels. 










Those that were found sick were referred to the nearest provincial clinic in Boipatong for more observation and treatment thereafter.

Women with gardens were motivated by hand tools, watering cans and vegetable seeds to plant more and get vegetables fresh from their gardens.

The day was a success ended up with a delicious meal prepared by the women of St John’s the Baptist church at Boipatong

By Nontle Sobantwana