Resolution on education

This Synod –

- Thankful for the openings we have for involvement in both public and independent schools, and in early childhood centres and tertiary institutions in this Diocese;

- Humbly recognising that the Province in 2010 adopted this Diocese’s concern for a fresh engagement with public schools across Southern Africa;

- Aware of the immense challenges which are still faced by many of this country’s schools;

-Gives thanks for the Archbishop’s Initiative in Education and Provincial Synod’s support for it in 2013;

-Sends greetings to the newly formed Anglican Board of Education for Southern Africa;

-Assures our diocesan schools at Lesedi la Kreste, Masibambane College and St Martin’s School with its Prep School, of the Diocese’s ongoing care and support;

-Rededicates the parishes to the partnership between the Faith-Based Organisations in Gauteng and the Gauteng Department of Education, and the ‘Faith for Quality Education’ programme embodied in that partnership;

-Assures educators, parents and learners within our Church and beyond, of our concern and our desire to work for morally-based quality education for all;

-Encourages parishes to consider opening after-care centres and/or homework clubs in church premises;

-Urges parents, grandparents and guardians to read to the children in their care and ensure that they do their homework;

-And urges parishes and individual Anglicans to pray regularly for their local schools and for the upliftment of education in this country.


Proposed: The Bishop                          Seconded: