Youth and Family Fun Day - 16 June 2014, Masibambane College 

CTK Youth does it again!!!

The youth gathered in their numbers for this Annual event to fellowship and enjoy the day together. 

Young people from the different corners of the Diocese had spent months preparing for the CTK’s Got Talent show.  Many had prepared to dazzle the audience with song, dance and drama!  These were showcased in front of a packed hall full of energy and enthusiasm. 

The day started at around 9am, with loud taxis delivering young people for this day.  They were then ushered to the hall for the opening and talent show.  Some of the attire by the young people was a clear indication of how much preparation had gone into their talent showcase and how ready they were to perform!  And they didn’t disappoint.  With the programme director enthusing the audience, the roof almost came off the hall. 

There were about () in attendance.  These gave a good of representation of youth activity in the diocese.  Despite the day being termed a Family Fun Day, very few “adults” showed up.  This prompts the organising team to revisit the planning for the future. 

Outside the hall, there were stalls to offer people an opportunity to spend their money well.  On sale were boerewors rolls, pop corn and sweets.  There was also a stall with a dart game. 

The highlight of the day was the soccer match, labelled North vs South”!  The two archdeaconries north of the diocese (Kliprivier and St. Peter’s) had to put together a team to battle against the two southern archdeaconries (Sebokeng with Evaton and the Vaal).  This proved to be a mini derby, with the crowd cheering their respective teams.  The match ended in a draw and both teams had to just swallow their disappointment. 

The day ended with the whole group forming a big circle on the field for the closing benediction and send off!! 


Thank you to the team that worked behind the scenes to put the day together.  We hope to see many more such events in the future.