This Synod, following on discussion and group work around the 2010 – 2015 5 year plan grateful to God for the 1st 24 years of the life of this Diocese.


  • The Diversity of the music in our worship services (object 1)
  • The compassionate approach of congregational leaders (object 1)
  • The establishment of the worship services at Masibambane College (object 1)
  • The establishment of a Diocesan Liturgical committee (object 1)
  • The good work done through the formation School, training of the Lay Ministers etc. (object 2)
  • The ongoing work of Camp CTK, the BYI and ongoing youth development (object2)
  • The continued wellness ministry at Diocesan and Parish level(object 3)
  • The gardening projects established by guilds and /parishes (object 3)


  • Greater inclusivity in diverse communities.  (object 1)
  • A special focus on 12-15 years old in our churches.  (Object 2)
  • Improved communication regarding available Sunday school teacher training resources.  ( Object 2)
  • More effective use of technology in diocese/parish communication through use of social media and websites. (object 4)
  • Planting of new churches.  (object 4)
  • The establishment of a skills database in the diocese and in the parishes.  (object 4)
  • Closer to co-operation with civic leaders ground community issues.  (object 4)
  • Deployment of more staff in the Diocesan office.
  • The Establishment of an Elandsfontein stokvel (R1 per day person per day).  To operate throughout the diocese.  (object 4)


  • Any further duplication of guilds in the diocese (object 4)


Proposed:  Dean Rod Greville

Seconder:  Advocate Mancha Manaka